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Kelly Rutherford is best-known for her role as the ex-prostitute turned goody-two-shoes, Megan Lewis Mancini McBride, on the television show "Melrose Place". She is currently unemployed. However this past season you might have seen her starring as Samantha Liston, Ms. Liston, or Sunny (or is it Sonny? Who knows, who cares.) on the NBC show "E-Ring" (Wednesdays, 8PM). A few seasons ago she essentially played the same character (but with a different name, of course!) on the now defunct ABC show, "Threat Matrix". After the cancellation (well technically during the "hiatus"), Kelly's co-star on the show James (sometimes credited as Jamie and, why yes, you did see him on the "Pretender") Denton signed on to the hit show, "Desperate Housewives" as the plumber, Mike Delfino. It may seem odd that despite "Desperate Housewives" having many ties to "Melrose Place" James, not Kelly, was the actor chosen to be a part of the ensemble cast but let's be honest: Kelly wouldn't have made a convincing man nor a convincing plumber, plus she's not the best actor. Just kidding. All joshing aside, this is a community for all (1+?) of Kelly Rutherford's fans.

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