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Kindred the Embraced Returns to SciFi

Kindred the Embraced Returns to SciFi

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The SciFi Channel will air all 8 episodes of Kindred the Embraced this Wednesday, October 17, 2007 starting at 7AM CDT and continuing for 8 hours. This will include the 2 unaired episodes. Kelly is only in Episodes 2 - 8 and does not appear in the Pilot (Episode 1) which will be heavily edited down from it's 90 minute run time to fit in a single hour. If you've never seen this short lived show from the mid 90's you definitely want to do so as Kelly looks fantastic.
  • I would love to see Kelly and Kindred back

    I bought Kindred: The Embraced just because Kelly's. Yes, i loved the show and it was very sad what happened but I would watch and buy every new chapter if Fox decide to start the series again. And I would be a much happier person if Kelly, Stacy Haiduk, Patrick Bauchau, Brigid Brannagh, C. Thomas Howell, Channon Roe, Jeff Kober and all the old cast make an appearance in the show.
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